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Carmella Rose does what she does best in a series of sexy swimsuits

08.03.2016by: Droz

I'm not sure why it is that all the mid-tier models seem to be engaged in the most exciting imagery. Well, actually I do know why. It's because they're more apt to do the kinds of sultry spreads the companies who hire them know will turn heads and make people notice. I guess the real question is why the bigger names don't seem to draw the eye quite as well as Carmella Rose does for me and many others. You'll occasionally see the big names go slumming with smaller companies and engage in some of the provocative stuff Carmella routinely makes her bread and butter. Candice Swanepoel is one who comes to mind like that, especially in the run up to her pregnancy. I suspect she wanted to squeeze in as many nude spreads as possible before the kid, just in case having it totally nixed that possibility in the future for her. Still, it remains sensual creatures like Carmella who really get my blood pumping nowadays. Even in somewhat sedate spreads like those below, she's still spectacular.

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