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Carmella Rose black and white bikini pics by Collin & Jess Stark

10.20.2015by: No Cool Handle

One small critique for photographers Collin & Jess Stark: variety is the spice of life. Just because that's trite doesn't mean it's not true. When you've got the remarkable Carmella Rose in front of your lens, keep in mind that people want as much of her as digital photography will allot - your artstic integrity matters not. That aside; I do appreciate your minimalist efforts. You can see why this fresh face is sharking her way up. We're seeing more and more of her around of late, and for good reason - what an amazingly tight body and beautiful face. I remember reading a interview where she was asked the following: What's the sexiest thing you've done in the bedroom? To which she replied: Remember the scene in The Wolf of Wall Street where Jordan Belfort goes home with Naomi for the first time? She goes into her room to change and comes out naked with just a pair of nice 5 inch heels on. Yeah, that... My god! Do I need to say anyhing else?

Source: nsfw


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