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Carla's Hot Tell-Tale

06.11.2010by: Seth Gecko

The man, the legend, my hero. You might not recognize his name right away but if you've been visiting this site frequently for the past couple of years, I can guarantee that you've seen his work. That man is Greg Williams and you'll know him for his directorial efforts by filming dozens of gorgeous actresses in exemplary photo-shoots. His famous "Sexiest Woman Alive" shoot for Kate Beckinsale last year was particularly amazing and he's not slowing down anytime soon. He's an unsung hottie hero in my books and it looks like he's got a new card up his sleeve for the future.

Armed with brilliant high-definition RED cameras, a classic tale and concept, a special marketing campaign and one of the hottest and most talented actresses on the face of this Earth, Williams has put together a noir short-film called TELL-TALE starring the breathtaking Carla Gugino. It's part detective story, part twisted romance as it follows a couple whose attempt at erotic experimentation ends up in a police interrogation room. Accused of the murder of a police informant -- a lover Gugino's femme fatale character picks up, played by Jesse Spencer -- the couple remains cool under pressure. But when they return home, they're troubled by nightmares of what happened, and by an endless heartbeat reaching up from beneath the floorboards. The story itself is based from the classic Edgar Allan Poe tale and it's a terrific short-film to say the least with plenty of talent behind it including a terrific supporting role with the great Clifton Collins Jr.

As I said before, the film features Carla in probably her most sizzling role to date (complete with raunchy lingerie and a very erotic love scene) and she makes my heart race as you'll soon experience yourself when you watch it. The film itself has remained little-known on the net which is why I felt that spreading the word for it on this great site would be a cool way to get the word out and give fans an awesome sight. As you'll see below, I've embedded the entire 8-minute HD short-film for everyone to watch from as well as a special edited version with just Carla's scenes that yours truly is definitely a fan of. To top all that, I've gone ahead and posted a collection of smokin' hot HD screencaps from the film as well. So check out the terrific short below and let us know what you think.

Entire Short Film in HD from

Carla Gugino Only Video Cut


Extra Tidbit: The short was written by Carla's lucky hubby, Sebastian Gutierrez.


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