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Carla Vibrates & Squirts!

03.13.2009by: Seth Gecko

Say hello to the first clip from what could become my most anticipated movie of 2009 (other than "Avatar") and we're showing it exclusively for the first time on our site for all of you to enjoy. As you probably know already, the tantalizing Carla Gugino will soon be appearing in the upcoming comedy "Women In Trouble" which shows ten different women who all have one thing in common...trouble! In the flick, Carla stars as a PORN STAR (that's right, a woman who has hot sex on film) which makes the price of admission worth every single penny right off the bat.

With that known, the clip I mentioned earlier can be seen below and it is your first sneak peek at Carla's character (and it's HOT!). In the clip, Carla discusses the various prices and qualities of sex toys including something called the "Celebrity Vagina" which also vibrates and read that right. On top of that, Carla has gorgeous blonde hair and some very nice wet cleavage as they're in a sauna during the scene. So do yourself a gigantic favour and check out the clip below and stay tuned for more info on the movie as it comes in.

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