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Carla Gugino remains a total knockout at Saint Laurent premiere

05.01.2015by: Cherry Liquor
Anyone catch the preview of the first episode of "Wayward Pines" yet? I'm not totally on board with the wannabe "Twin Peaks" mini-series that Fox is rolling out (without proclaiming too loudly that M. Night Shyamalan directed the first episode), although I appreciate what they're trying to accomplish. I just figure that they could have gotten a lot deeper and darker if they'd been picked up by NetFlix or some other streaming site rather than trying their hand at basic cable. Heck, we're probably not even going to get to enjoy some nudity from its hottest star, Carla Gugino. (Although I'm also partial to Shannyn Sossamon as well.) Gugino was in New York this week with fellow Pines player, Juliette Lewis for the premiere of SAINT LAURENT, the biopic about the life of designer Yves St. Laurent. Nice to see the two cougars having fun on the red carpet. If you're hankering for more Gugino, you can also consider dropping some box office dollars later this May to catch her reunited with Dwayne Johnson for SAN ANDREAS, that earthquake disaster movie that also features Alexandra Daddario('s tits).
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