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Carla Gugino is always on the brink of perfection domination

06.09.2015by: Cherry Liquor
It was announced late last year that Carla Gugino was supposed to be featured in a multi-episode story arc on the HBO half-hour comedy series "The Brink," which stars Jack Black and Tim Robbins as government officials trying to stave off World War III. The crazy part isn't that we're seeing these two as political figures (Robbins has had a history courting politics on and off screen and Black is, well, mostly funny as mostly anything), it's that I'm still not all that certain how involved any of these three are with the show. Seeing as how I don't have HBO myself, I'm going off of the IMDB list of episodes and even the two stars are shown as "unknown episodes" with Gugino not even listed in the cast. Between this, "Wayward Pines" and her movie SAN ANDREAS doing respectable box office, 2015 seems to be the year of Gugino. I never would have thought that average chick from SON IN LAW would grow into this super sexy, very talented lady right here but I am happy that we're not suffering through JURY DUTY XIII. 
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