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Cara Delevingne gonna knock you out in Puma's Do You campaign

09.23.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Cara Delevingne is starting to grow on me. While I couldn't be paid enough to fake interest in PAN, I was actually surprised by how effective she was as Enchantress in SUICIDE SQUAD, even though I can also get behind the train of thought that her character was an undeveloped boogeyman type. I don't know what I was expecting but perhaps because I wasn't really expecting anything, it made it that much easier to come off well. Now Cara is the face of Puma's new "Do You" campaign, what I believe is a stab at Nike's long-running "Just Do It" campaign. She looks fit and fierce as f*ck in this shoot, showing off some abs and chewing bubblegum before taking names at a deli where she picked up a pastrami sandwich. Not that I believe her acting/modeling skills enough to believe that she actually ate that thing. She's going to need more practice to make that believable.
Source: Fashionista


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