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Candice Swanepoel undulates in yet another Victoria's Secret spread

06.23.2015by: Droz

It's been awhile since I posted any Candice Swanepoel pics, but the sight of her in June's Victoria's Secret collection has got me back into the swing of things where Candice is concerned. I swear no one can undulate quite like she can. Her hips are legendary for their ability to twist and contort in seductive ways, but I'm even more taken with the sight of her ass in that g-string thing. She's got such a lovely butt, particularly for a model of her stature. They don't seem to like big league models to have too much ass, which makes Candice something of a maverick where booty is concerned. Mix that ass with the hips and the face and her sultry stare and it's no wonder she stays on top while many of her Angel sisters fall by the wayside.


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