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Candice Patton does all the heavy lifting on the red carpet

01.14.2016by: No Cool Handle

I'm not exactly sure what the hell happened here... in a number of ways. Am I the only Candice Patton enthusiast out there? Am I the only one who thinks that when this sexy TV starlet deliberately lifts her dress up on the red carpet - that warrants some attention? This happened four days ago and I'm just seeing it. Why wasn't this headline news - at least on sites dedicated to these kind of phenomenons?

The beautiful Flash co-start attended a Golden Globes celebration looking very elegant. As fate would have it, her brazen disposition didn't align with the classy veneer. For reasons still unknown, she saw fit to raise her dress for a full on shot of her panties. Was it as simple as some photographer shouting, "lift your dress."? Or, what I hope is the reason - is it that she's a trend setting genius? If so, we should see other sexy females following suit; perpetuating the red carpet panty flash.

Source: daily mail


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