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CAN: Kate Beckinsale

05.12.2010by: Seth Gecko

cannesthumb2010.jpgHello to all our hottie fans around the world and welcome to the extensive coverage of the 63rd Annual Cannes International Film Festival. As many of you know already and more will learn soon for sure, I'm a huge fan of the Cannes festival and every May for the past few years, I've done extensive coverage of the red carpet events for the vast premieres that take place during the festival. No other movie or celebrity gossip site provides this kind of coverage for Cannes and I enjoy giving you all the best of the best in terms of photos, news and now even videos from the various events. For the next week and a half, I'll be bringing you all the biggest highlights of the festival so stay tuned each day for more coverage as it appears.

When it comes to the jury selection at the festival, you always know that there will be some incredible talent in there to pick apart all the selected films to be judged. One element of the group however is that at least one or two of the female judges have to be absolutely smokin' hot to draw some real attention and that category goes to the lovely Kate Beckinsale this year. Kate arrived at the festival today and struck a pose with her fellow jury members while looking so yummy at the same time. This woman is incapable of looking bad so check out all the amazing shots of her below and enjoy.

The hottie photos below are in the following order: Kate Beckinsale


Extra Tidbit: Other jury members include Benicio Del Toro, Tim Burton and more.


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