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Camilla Belle's beauty goes international in Harper's Bazaar Singapore

04.03.2015by: Cherry Liquor
She just signed on to do a movie called BANGKOK LOVE STORY, so it makes sense that hottie Camilla Belle is going to keep things back east with her cover feature in Harper's Bazaar for Singapore. The 28-year old actress looks as if she's waiting for her love to show up at a red light district hotel in most of these pictures though, so I'm not sure what message the magazine is trying to sell us. She talks about living clean ("I love to dance till six in the morning, but Iím not going to get smashed doing it. I want to remember my fun and feel good about it the next day.") and how she definitely wants kids but that they're not in her immediate future ("Having children one day is very important to me. Thatís the life I want when Iím older."). But if any of her co-stars are hoping to turn the on screen scenes into off screen ones, they might be sorely disappointed. "Acting is a very easy environment in which to fall into a relationship. Itís really just this immediate attraction because youíre in these incredibly beautiful places and itís so romantic and itís late at night and youíre lonelyÖ there are so many factors in making that so easy. But itís not real, so Iím adamant about not starting anything. If, after the shootís done, somethingís still there and you want to visit that, then fine." She sounds just about as beautiful on the inside as she looks on the surface.
Source: Just Jared


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