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Camila Morrone looks awesome in anything Urban Outitters throws at her

12.28.2016by: No Cool Handle

Man alive, if you want to ensure the selling of your entire new line of lingerie and sleepwear, Camila Morrone is who should be hired to get that done. What a body! I love models like Camila who look stunningly beautiful without layers of makeup caked on their face – although, a little eyebrow maintenance could have helped a bit. Not that it diminishes the quality of these images in any way or lessens the impact of Camila's beauty, it's just, me personally, I dig something a little more streamlined. Everything else is just the way I like it. When you have your model touting sleepwear, there's nothing sexier – believe me, gentleman – than a woman you know will still look hot when she wakes up in the morning, not only after hours of preening, styling and painting. If Camila was a grocery store item she would be packaged with a sticker that says NON-GMO! Only nourishing, all-natural ingredients.

Source: NS4W


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