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Camila Banus' photoshoot for Staying Fit definitely proves she knows what she's doing

04.21.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Just last week we featured soap opera actress Camila Banus at some special eventlooking all kinds of crazy hot and suddenly I'm wondering if I can tolerate to sit through some soap operas to find some more fresh meat like this. Banus has bounced around a couple of shows, having started off on "One Life to Live" before landing her more permanent role as Gabi on "Days of Our Lives," but shit, man... I'm not home enough during the daylight hours to waste them on those contrived storylines and crazy over-the-top melodramatics. I think the only time I went looking for clips was when James Franco went nuts on one of them and that was a fluke thing. Banus doing photoshoots, however? I can get down with looking at pictures like these ones for sure. I'm just hoping that she can transition into something more worthwhile. Perhaps we could get Camila to do a buddy show with Hunter Haley King, another soap opera actress who's wasting her hotness on those shows.


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