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Camila Banus is one good reason to watch a soap opera

04.15.2016by: Droz

Soap operas have always been goofy. But back in the day, when 3 channels were all there were, soaps were what you watched if you were home in the afternoon and had the tube on. I know, because my mom watched a ton of them when I was but a tike. Nowadays we have any number of entertainment options available to us 24/7, which makes me wonder why anyone still watches soaps. Even my mom abandoned them and their silliness years ago. I suspect the remaining soaps audience is mostly old ladies who got into the habit back in the 60s and just couldn't get out out of it. They're similar to a long time smoking habit that way, except they damage the intellect rather than the lungs. One way the soaps people may hope to entice new viewers to their nasty habits is by casting hotties like Camila Banus here. I see her every once in a while in various red carpet pics. I like what I see. Although it wasn't until today I found her bonus topless spread in the gallery below. Now I'm thinking I need to watch more soaps. What the hell is wrong with me?

Camila Banus Hot

Source: Hollywood Tuna


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