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Calm your anacondas, DJ YesJulz has the buns you crave

01.07.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I had to go looking up this DJ YesJulz because this woman has an ass that can't be ignored. Her full name is supposedly Julz Goddard and apparently she's a social media figure out of Miami working her thang online selling niche crap about always working and whatnot. I can't hate on a woman making her way in the world by the means that she needs to, although I doubt I would have heard much about her if these beach pics hadn't shown up all over the gossip sites. Not only is that bountiful booty on display, at one point while in the surf, Julz suffers a bit of a wardrobe (can a bikini be referred to as a wardrobe?) malfuction when a wave crashes into her. This trend of thicker chicks in bikinis is nice to behold. I'm getting a bit tired of the ribcage parade on some of these skinny chicks. I don't mind the junk in the trunk one little bit.
Source: Gossip Extra


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