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Caity Lotz is a pretty little birdie in two new magazine shoots

07.12.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I've only watched a little of "Arrow," around the time that Caity Lotz showed up as Canary slash Sara Lance. I'm not even going to pretend that I've followed the history of the comic book, especially not to the degree where I could tell you whether or not she did a good job in the role (or whose sister she was, etc, etc) and I haven't gotten around to watching "Legends of Tomorrow," let alone the rest of that original show, but I know hot when I see it and Caity's wicked hot. She's featured in a couple of small photoshoots for two magazines this summer, Fault and Venice, the first of which drenched her in 1980's neon popping colors while the second went for black and white photography and some see-through fashion. I love them both. Venice has a bit more of the edge here, for highlighting those freckles of hers (freckles are y weakness), but also because they put her in some sandals that I want (they appear to read "f@ck " and "love you"). Considering that Caity was also on "Mad Men," a show I actually own on DVD but still need to watch, I might just start over there.
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