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Caitriona Balfe's conservative take on sexy for Outlander season 2 premiere

04.05.2016by: No Cool Handle

She may be playing a coy bird in real life, but in the most excellent Starz original series OUTLANDER, Caitriona Balfe is one bold flesh peddler. If you have the stomach to make it through some of the shows more shockingly sadistic shit (the last two episodes of season one will test even the most desensitized viewer), you'll be treated to a healthy dose of this brunette lass engaging in all manner of butt naked sexual bravado. Petite and perky with a disappointingly flat ass, she keeps the sexual hits coming; and being that she is an exceptional actress, those scenes meant to tantalize are a tasty treat indeed. These photos of her attending the season two premiere mean only one thing: Starting April 9th we're in for a season of war, romance, sadism, graphic violence, graphic nudity, strong sexual content, rape, gay rape, evil skillfully personified by Tobias Menzies, Caitriona Balfe's tits and ass on constant display, kilts, politics, mysticism and f***ing time travel. What more do you want?

Source: Got Celeb


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