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C movie star Dalia Elliot showing her goods

10.20.2015by: No Cool Handle

For those of you thinking: yeah, I'd hit that, but she's not an actress - I beg to differ. IMDB tells us of her appearing in such hidden gems as Blood Angel, The Bunnyman Massacre and, wait for it... Bunnyman 3. This sexpot is on her way; don't be surprissed if you see her tripping the light fantastic to promote the next Terrence Malick movie she's co-starring in alongside Christian Bale. Until that inevitable day arrives, you have some nice photos of the big-titted Dalia Elliott wearing very few articles of lingerie. She is hot in a Las Vegas showgirl kind of way - to enhanced for a serious acting career though. These 138 Water promotional pics are more befitting to her talent; proving she knows how to get the most out of her ass in a thong, but showing limited emotional range by not cracking a single smile. Maybe - like me - she doesn't understand the correlation betweeen her ample curves and bottled H2O. That's not an expression of disdain for her currrent career trajectory; why would she be unhappy gettng paid to look hot? - nope, that's her confused face. She's thinking: wouldn't my amazing ass be better suited for trendy, seasonal beer promotion?  Don't worry; most of us don't get it either.

Source: Fab Mansion


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