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By the power of her popsicle eating skills, Melissa Benoist compels you

08.22.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I am trying with all my might to catch up on what's going on in the CW DC world, but there are so many names and faces and episodes and holy hell that channel will let a show go on forever (much to the delight of "Supernatural" fans), so about 4 episodes into "The Flash," I started thinking it was impossible and then I realized, oh, yeah, they're adding "Supergirl" to their roster now. Melissa Benoist and crew flew over over CBS this summer, ready to kick start their 2nd season on this new channel. While the production costs are going to go down, at least the show will get a chance to develop under its new network, rather than getting cut off at the knees if it doesn't maintain a CSI level of viewers. Which means that they're going to be throwing in all kinds of special guest stars, the most exciting of which to see this week was original Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter, who still looks exceptional at 65-years old. Now that I'll probably carve out time to check out.

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