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Bullock's Razzie

03.08.2010by: Cherry Liquor

Here is where I'm going to get absolutely skewered but before I am, I want anyone who comments on this post to preface their remarks with whether or not they've actually watched ALL ABOUT STEVE. See, I have a problem with the fact that people love to dog on something because it's what they've heard is the popular opinion and those who actually do their homework and make their own decisions and opinions for themselves.

Every year, the day before the Oscars are celebrated, there are the Razzies, a set of awards given for the worst performances and films released during the year. Sandra Bullock took home the Razzie for the worst actress performance in ALL ABOUT STEVE but to her credit, she not only showed up to the award ceremony, she brought along a red wagon full of DVDs of the movie. (To watch the video, Click Here.) She made a promise that if she won, she'd show up and she did. And I dig that. And considering that over the weekend, I watched the movie and didn't think it was any worse than so many of the silly rom-coms that are released to a larger box office take all year long, in fact... the character that she plays has pluck, intelligence and is more charming than the one she played to win the Oscar. But that's just my personal opinion.

So, for anyone bitching today about her winning the Oscar, I have to say that while I might not have considered it the best performance of the year, please pause and consider just how many people have won with almost no one having seen the performance other than the Academy voters. She's a woman who has been kicking around for years and what makes her any less qualified to fall into the "she deserves it by now" category than so many others? Congrats, Sandy. And big congrats on having such an excellent sense of humour about your Razzie as well.

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