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BTS of Megan Fox's photo shoot for Armani Jeans

03.25.2011by: Droz

Checking out Megan Fox in this behind-the-scenes movie of her photo shoot for Armani Jeans proves something I've come to believe for some time, namely that Megan has a hard time looking as good in a still photo as she does in motion. Something just gets lost in that translation. Taking a look at the resulting photos from this photo shoot and then looking at her in the BTS movie is almost like two different women.

In the pics, she's rather cold and severe-looking in that kind of typical fashion model way. But then you see her just sitting around getting her make up on and she looks incredibly sweet and beautiful. So strange that the different mediums capture such a different perspective of her. I'm finding it difficult to interpret that phenomenon. Is that a sign of true beauty? Or maybe the opposite? I'm not sure.

Source: Popoholic
Tags: megan fox


Drool Back
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5:17PM on 03/25/2011
She looks better behind the scenes.
She looks better behind the scenes.
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