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Bryce, Emma, Emily, Amy, and Brie all helped make the SAG awards watchable

01.30.2017by: Droz

The awards just keep flying for all the good things the folks in Hollywood and elsewhere did in 2016. This time around it was the SAG Awards' big night. I don't know how those are perceived by those in the biz. Is that like a Golden Globe? Nice to have, but still not and Oscar or an Emmy or whatever? Do those who vote from the Screen Actors Guild have more respectability than the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences? I doubt it. I'm sure favoritism and who you know runs rampant through all corners of the award season's various stroke fests.

The one aspect of an award show you can get unfettered by outside influence, are the hotties in attendance. They all want to impress and often spend a shitload of cash to do so. The ladies at last night's shindig were no different. You got Emma Stone, who of course won her category. Get used to seeing that before all said and done. Then you got the likes of Emily Blunt, who just can't see to let go of that damn blonde hair. Amy Adams was her usual bright ray of redheaded sunshine. Brie Larson was kind of the surprise of the night. This was one of her tastier moments. But, as has been the case of late, my favorite was Bryce Dallas Howard finally bringing back some of that booty in her sparkly number. She's got an insane body and a super sweet disposition. You can't go wrong with her.

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