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Bryce Dallas Howard's low cut, big booty style charmed all at the BAFTAs

02.13.2017by: Droz

It's been an interesting process watching Bryce Dallas Howard slowly shrink in width as the days and weeks pass by. Just a few months ago I feared she was about to go teetering on the edge of obese. Now Bryce has wrangled her ample girth into a much slimmer frame, which fortunately still features a good amount of booty poking forth from her BAFTAs dress. Speaking of that, can we agree it's a little weird to wear a dress like the one BDH had on when you know you're gonna be taking pics with your dad? I'm not a dad, but I have to believe most fathers would not relish the prospect of first hand familiarity with the majority of their adult daughter's chest. Though even Opie Cunningham has to give himself a little chuck on the shoulder for making such a fine specimen of womanhood as Bryce. What a sweetie she is.

Source: Superior Pics


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