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Bryce Dallas Howard was the sugar at the BAFTA tea party

01.10.2017by: Droz

Good thing they were using the term "tea party" playfully when describing this British Academy of Film and Television Arts event, featuring Bryce Dallas Howard along with her papa. I don't think Bryce's bubbly personality would go over very well at your average British tea party. I hear they prefer any expressions of giddy excitement be kept at a bare minimum, which would seem to preclude Bryce from participating. On a red carpet, soaking up the love of fans and cameras alike is much more Bryce's speed. I can't help but be taken aback a bit by the state of her dad. I get it, he's a long way away from Happy Days and The Andy Griffith show. Still, what happened to little Opie Cunningham? He looks like some homeless guy who followed Bryce in off the street and somehow managed to get in all her photos anyway. No offence Ron, but I sure do hope Bryce ages a lot better than her dad.

Source: Superior Pics


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