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Bryce Dallas Howard shows some black & white boob for VVV Magazine

10.06.2016by: No Cool Handle

It sure would be nice if someone would cast Bryce Dallas Howard in a role that requires her to finally show that beautiful (and frustratingly elusive) chest; if only for one unforgettable moment of boob-bearing bliss. Here's a collection of black and white missed opportunities for VVV Magazine that only feed our need to see; teasing us with a small collection of partial boob, sheer fabric and cleavage, only to blow a hole through the center of our hopes by leaving a good portion of them covered. Maybe, in the follow-up to JURASSIC WORLD, Chris Pratt's character will have taught a few clever raptors how to remove a bra with their six-inch claws by practicing on Bryce's collection of C cups. Just do something, anything, to get this done. Bryce Dallas Howard's curvaceous allure is peaking; she should be the subject of a revealing photo shoot on a biweekly basis.

Source: VVV Magazine


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