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Bryce Dallas Howard remains a shiny happy person no matter what

01.17.2017by: Droz

I wonder how Bryce Dallas Howard manages to stay in such a good mood. Everyone I know is totally down in the dumps, thanks to numerous factors past, present, and imminent. I guess Bryce is just a force for merriment at all times. It is rather infectious, I have to admit. She gives you one of those big smiles with her pale skin glowing and her red hair shining and you have little choice but to play along.

You can also see by her appearance on The Tonight Show the other night, just how much weight she continues to take off. If this keeps up she's not going to qualify as thick at all. That would suck. What the hell are we going to do without any BDH booty shots? That's tantamount to loosing a beloved main character in your big anticipated movie. In this case, Bryce's ass is Han Solo and pre-production on JURASSIC WORLD 2 serves as Kylo Ren. Be warned, because I'm gonna put a lightsaber up a velociraptor's ass if they keep messing with Bryce's booty.

Source: Superior Pics


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