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Bryce Dallas Howard popped a cork on some hotness at the Moet Film Festival

01.05.2017by: Droz

The Moet Film Festival was yet another great opportunity for Bryce Dallas Howard to squeeze her curves into in a sexy dress. Speaking of those curves, you may notice a subtle amount of shrinkage happening with her now famous figure. While still in possession of some excellent thickness, she does seem to be moderating things a bit there. This has been playing out for awhile now and isn't all that unexpected. Apparently you can't run from dinosaurs and have too big an ass bouncing around. No ravenous reptile could resist such a butt. Even this mammal finds himself eager to have a little nibble on Bryce's bodacious backside, so I hope she doesn't manage to do away with it entirely. I'd also like to request she keep her present hair and not go back to that bobbed thing she had in the last JURASSIC PARK movie. Not that she wasn't still cute with that. It would be hard for Bryce not to be cute. I just prefer her perfect red hair be as long and luxuriant as possible.

Source: Superior Pics


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