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Bryce Dallas Howard lights up another red carpet with her ginger goodness

12.20.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I love how it can feel as if Bryce Dallas Howard has been everywhere without ever feeling as if she's been in everything. It takes a seasoned pro (or perhaps just a Hollywood legacy) to manage that balance, with Bryce showing up in 2016 is PETE'S DRAGON on the big screen and Black Mirror on the small screen. She was one of my favorite things about season three of that show, now picked up by NetFlix after having started its Twilight Zone-for-the-tech-world run over at BBC, smiling so big and then screaming "F*ck You!" so loudly. Bryce seems to have had that sentiment to say to her detractors this year, shaking off the claims that she's gained too much weight since running in heels for JURASSIC WORLD last summer. I'm sure she'll be shamed into a little dieting for the sequel to that installment in the reincarnated dinosaur epic, because people can't have their box office blockbuster stars looking anything less than emaciated these days.
Source: Got Celeb


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