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Bryce Dallas Howard is a breakthrough discovery in adorably curvy hotties

12.06.2016by: Droz

Curvaceous, redheaded, sweetheart Bryce Dallas Howard showed up looking gorgeous to celebrate NASA getting an award for some no doubt amazing scientific discovery they made this year. I would think her dad would be the better person to handle that situation, but I guess Bryce has a little time before JURASSIC WORLD 2 gets going. That was good, because Ron's little girl looked especially tasty on this night. She's so much better when she lets that red hair down like this. I find it so disappointing when she puts her hair up for events like these. I can't see any reason to flatten down a perfect head of red hair like Bryce's. Those lovely locks need to flow free to sparkle and shine in that singular red hair way. Of course, there are always other things to look at with Bryce. Unfortunately she didn't go with the figure-hugging dress this time, but you can still tell girl is packing the serious curves. Put all that together with her bubbly, outgoing personality and you have a package I can't help but adore. Bryce is the best.

Bryce Dallas Howard NASA Breakthrough Awards

Source: Superior Pics


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