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Bryce Dallas Howard drops the neckline low for Critics Choice Awards

12.13.2016by: No Cool Handle

How can you not love some Bryce Dallas Howard? When a hottie carries herself with a certain degree of confidence, but not to the point where she appears unapproachable, well, this broadens her appeal beyond that of those mustard-colored boobs and come-hither grin. Seriously, make sure you don't skip over the pic where Bryce is flashing a remarkably sexy smile during an over the shoulder glance back – the second pic. I stared at that particular image so long, I started to forget there was a fairly decent amount of skin showing just a few inches south. She's got it like that! It's not just her curvaceous body that grabs your attention but those bright blue eyes set against that red head of hair, smooth, creamy skin and a smile made for selling toothpaste; this hottie makes up one sexy package. Her selection of dress has me yearning to cut the mustard and lick the jar clean.

Source: NS4W


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