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Bryce Dallas Howard brought some spotted booty to the Pete's Dragon premiere

08.09.2016by: Droz

I sometimes feel a little bad about hijacking the point of most Bryce Dallas Howard appearances to point out how sexy her curvy body looks. She's more than just those good things. She's also a great actress and a seemingly sweet and adorable person. Just look at her having some fun with a plush doll at the premiere of PETE'S DRAGON.

Bryce Dallas Howard at the Pete's Dragon Premiere

Yeah, she's someone I could easily fall in love with. Still, dat ass is just amazing, as are the hips and everything else. You just don't see bodies like hers in the upper echelons of Hollywood royalty very often. This makes her booty appearances kind of a special thing for us thick girl fans. I'm not even gonna get started on the red hair, which Dallas unfortunately had all tied back in some super tight arrangement for some reason. Too bad. Hair that beautiful needs to flow free. Maybe she just wanted to make sure nothing distracted from her other assets. Believe me, Dallas. We're not distracted.

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