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Bryce Dallas Howard brings her sweetest late night thickness

07.27.2016by: Droz

Bryce Dallas Howard was on the Kimmel show last night, promoting her movie PETE'S DRAGON, though spending most of her time talking about her dad, director Ron Howard, filming her giving birth to her son. WTF? I hope he kept the shots above the waist. Anyway, Bryce was there with her thickness going great guns in a pair of tight pants. She's also on the cover of Healthy Living magazine this month, looking decidedly healthy.

Bryce Dallas Howard cover of Healthy Living July/August 2016

Most of the time, when they speak of healthy living, it's something having to do with working on your core while eating so much kale your plate looks more like the garnish around a salad bar than an actual meal. I much prefer Bryce's take on the subject. Yes, she's got more meat on her than she once did, but that's not a sin - far from it. Bryce looks like someone who keeps things relatively sane as far as the diet goes, but isn't afraid to splurge now and then. The results are much more to my taste than some others who'd probably stroke out if they ever saw an extra pound show up on the scale.

Source: Superior Pics


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