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Bryana Holly's body is the best thing that ever happened to underwear

02.17.2017by: Droz

Recently we put together a Top 6 Models video which ranked a few of the bigger names in modelling today. Some worthy candidates in there, no doubt about that. Still, as I was making that list, I felt like I was leaving a lot of women out who deserved to be there. Supreme hotties like Bryana Holly came to mind quite often in that process. I would say she's far prettier than some of the women on that list above. Bryana is also better put together and even better at modelling stuff, like the latest lacy offerings from Lurelly here. Yet for some strange reason she's nowhere near the top of the list when it comes to earnings and proliferation. I get it. There is a glut of models in the industry right now. It's still not so hard a thing to spot when one stands out from the rest. And Bryana certainly does that. I knew it the moment I first posted her pics a few years back and I can see it right now as I look at these latest pics. Girl should be right up there with all the rest of them. If I had any pull in her world, I'd see to it she was.

Source: Lurelly


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