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Bryana Holly strips down and suits up in Frankies Bikinis

02.01.2017by: No Cool Handle

Just when you thought Bryana Holly has covered all the sexy ground there is to cover, a lingerie shoot, under the guise of a bikini shoot, is then released. Frankies bikinis' (a bikini co. who employs other Internet hotties like Kara Del Toro) approach to showcasing their latest line of wears his f**king spot on. Not only did they include a two minute companion video – Bryana Holly needs to be seen in motion; a fact that didn't elude the creative team over at Frankies' – but this idea of designing some of their bikinis to look like underwear, then dressing up the promotional material to look like an unmentionables ad, proved to be an effective marketing decision – the best of both worlds, really. And there's no going wrong when you have a stellar blonde like Bryana Holly pushing your product. This girl is right on the cusp of blowing up. She'll be in Leonardo DiCaprio's crosshair before the year is out... mark me.


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