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Bryana Holly shows off her hypnotic figure for the Lurelly Collection

09.16.2016by: No Cool Handle

As popular as Bryana Holly is becoming, especially on social media, she seems cagey; quick to share amazing views of her hourglass figure but not much in the way of informative bios or personality traits (even with a little bit of diligence, I couldn't find much). That's all well and good, especially living in the times we do. People are borderline obsessed with being kept in the loop when it comes to celebrity relationships/lifestyles, I like a hottie who – at the very least – attempts to keep it all about business. I don't give two shits about who she just broke up with or what she's doing on the weekend. All I care about is how well she photographs – and based on these latest promotional shots for the Lurelly Collection... Do I really need to say something clever here? Just look at them. Do yourself a favor and look at them for extended period of time. They're f**king awesome; she is awesome; the total package. Curvy yet slim, perfectly proportioned and statuesque. Another must-see set of photos, courtesy of the great Bryana Holly. What more do you need to know?

Source: Lurelly


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