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Bryana Holly is very good at modeling bikinis

10.03.2016by: No Cool Handle

Here's Bryana Holly, once again, doing her "looking perfect in a bikini" routine, this time in front of Alessandra Fiorini's lens. The Brazilian fashion photographer has an impressive accumulation of bikini-clad imagery, each photo affirming her gift for capturing the female anatomy in stimulating ways. When you have a subject like Bryana, it's practically impossible to know if these tasty images were a result of the photographer's skill or because of the extremely photogenic subject. Had I been unfamiliar with Alessandra's stellar past works, I may have given full marks to Ms. Holly. But by combining Alessandra's proven skill and Bryana Holly's stellar looks, we've been gifted with a brilliantly sexy set of pics; ones where all involved deserve to share in the acclamation. If only every photo shoot so deftly combined skill and beauty. Please release the outtakes. We need to see more from this shoot.


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