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Bryana Holly & Carmella Rose are two great hotties to be lost at sea with

10.13.2016by: Droz

It's so cool Bryana Holly and Carmella Rose, two of my favorite models in the biz today, are also best buds. It's even cooler that they occasionally do a photo shoot together, like this one by photographer Ryan Hattaway entitled Lost At Sea. I tell you what, I can envision all kinds of amazing scenarios wherein Bryana, Carmella, and I are washed up together on some tropical beach, forever lost. Unfortunately my cynical mind ends up overruling all those scenarios in favor of one wherein Bryana and Carmella fall in love with each other and abscond to the opposite of the island to bask in each other's hotness, leaving me alone with a few coconuts. Then again, they could use the extra help in building their hut. I hear building huts is a real calorie burner, as is being stuck on an island with limited food resources. That might put me nearer to their standards for attractiveness in no time. So there's still hope. Now I just need to charter a boat or a plane, and then arrange for some cataclysmic event near an uncharted island somewhere. I'm gonna go start working on that.

Source: Ryan Hattaway


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