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Bruna Tuna could relieve your water woes

02.12.2016by: Droz

Water crises in the mid-west are all the talk lately in the news. And for good reason. Those folks out in Flint, Michigan got screwed big time. I hope someone gets some serious jail time for that bullshit. We tend to take water for granted in this country, but for those folks the value of clean drinking water is really hitting home. In the light of that, I can't help but wonder what those folks with the poison drinking water must think of these 138 Water spreads, featuring models just pouring their fresh water out into the sea willy-nilly. Granted, the fact that the water is being poured over the body of a fine ass hottie like Bruna Tuna (I love saying that name) makes it somewhat easier to handle. Still, I think 138 would do well to send this water they pour over their models out to Flint and let the models make due with tap water. Or better yet, just have them jump into the sea. Might as well put that huge body of water to work.

Source: 138 Water


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