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Brown Sings Irony

05.05.2010by: Cherry Liquor

This doesn't have as much to do directly with Movie Hotties, other than the man I'm about to have a giggle at was once the main squeeze of a chick who has contributed music to several movie soundtracks and is in talks to appear in an acting capacity to THE LAST DRAGON remake.

Yes, that's right, Rihanna's previous man and convicted domestic abuse partner participated in a grand display of irony on Sunday when he sang the National Anthem at the Mayweather Vs Mosley boxing match. Now, if we're all to believe Tila Tequila's Miss Tila's new and sensational, best on the planet celebrity blog (catch the slurred speech and wobbly moves on YouTube if you dare... I used to think she was occasionally cute and now I want to kick her in Perez Hilton's pussybone), we're all supposed to take the time to forgive Chris for his admitted offense of beating the crap out of a beautiful woman that he supposedly loved.

Brown received rather lukewarm responses from the crowd and took to his Twitter to say, "If I wasn't somewhat sane and love my fans and music so damn much I would give up.. but that's not why I was put on this earth..youll see ". I guess I'm just wondering when it became such a trendy thing to beat up on your women. Is this something they're teaching on "Big Love" and I just haven't seen it yet?

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