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Brooke Burke's bikini body gets wild on St. Barts

03.30.2017by: No Cool Handle

For those of you who remember tuning into Wild On!, not to learn all about the preferred vacation destinations of drunken frat guys looking to get laid by equally drunk college chicks, but to watch the great Brooke Burke flaunt her fit bikini body in front of the camera, will notice how little has changed. Catching up with the former spokes model during some quality family time in St. Bards, we find Brooke in an amazing state of preservation; her dedication to maintaining the kind of muscle definition normally found on hotties half her age is impressive. This woman might just be the catch of the century. Even after spending the past 13 years or so keeping up with her two young ones, and taking care of husband David Charvet, Brooke Burke has been able to avoid showing any of the wear and tear that normally follows such taxing endeavors. She's been hiding in plain sight from father time himself. No telling why she's been let off the hook, but it probably has something to do with time being understandably hesitant to destroy a work of art like Brooke Burke.

Source: NS4W


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