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Brittany Snow looks perfectly gorgeous in a couple of new spreads

05.05.2015by: Cherry Liquor
Even though she's turning 30 next year, there's something ageless about Brittany Snow to me. With a sexy photoshoot in the May issue of Vegas magazine, Brittany is starting to look a bit more mature than I've seen of her in the past, although that doesn't seem as if it's going to distract from her role as a college student in the upcoming PITCH PERFECT sequel. Hell, most of the people I know didn't finish all of their degree stuff until well into their late 20's (if they were lucky), so Snow still being a member of the Bellas makes sense. As for the other magazine that you'll be able to catch Brit in, Cosmo did a nice set of pictures that make her look like the Jennifer Aniston of lore, that time in her life when her hair was flowing and the golden couple crap of her and Brad was at full tilt. I may hate the fallout of that but it was good time in the timeline of her looks and it certainly is doing Snow favors. Let's just hope she doesn't end up some decade long breakup story tragedy. 
Source: Got Celeb


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