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Brittany Snow & Emmy Rossum are just 2 of the knockouts at the CFDAs

06.02.2015by: Cherry Liquor
Two of my favorite ladies, Brittany Snow and Emmy Rossum were high achievers on the red carpet of the CFDA Awards (you have no idea how cumbersome it is to carry around an acronym that you care nothing about unless it ends up being a question on Jeopardy, or... maybe you do...). Each of the beauties wore her hair back in severe but sexy styles and chose to highlight their lovely shoulders. While I appreciate bountiful cleavage in evening gowns just as much as the next person, I can also appreciate those who pull off slightly more conservative looks without losing any of their sensuality. It's one thing to use chicken cutlets to create false bosoms and another to pad the booty with special Spanx, it's a whole other beast to try and hide linebacker shoulders. Ladies, I salute you!
Source: Just Jared


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