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Britt Robertson brings some wholesome cleavage to Space Between Us premiere

01.19.2017by: Cherry Liquor
I really like the redheaded look on Britt Robertson, who was going with blonde when she appeared in THE LONGEST RIDE and TOMORROWLAND back in 2015, the year that I figured there was going to be some good things coming from this little lady. Her latest feature, THE SPACE BETWEEN US had an earlier premiere in Los Angeles this week, even though it won't be until February 3rd and she was having fun on the red carpet, twirling about in her low-cut beaded gown while her picture was being taken. That refreshing fun-ness of the actress is what makes her that much more appealing to me, a far cry from the practiced poses and trout pouts of so many others in her league. She has an unpolished, imperfect but very attractive look that we really need to see more of. And we will, considering that she's also appearing in next week's release, A DOG'S PURPOSE as well. Not to mention her upcoming 2017 series, Girlboss, slated to start streaming on NetFlix, following her role as a rebel fashion designer who ends up in big time business. Perhaps 2105 wasn't her breakout year and I spoke too soon when I had her on that yearly top ten list.
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