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Britt Maren raising temperatures for Nasty Gal

02.23.2016by: No Cool Handle

I gotta say: I'm digging these things called LookBooks. They're basically a way for designers, or whoever is peddling their latest line of sexy clothing, to shoehorn in a provocative photo spread. Have these always been a thing and I'm just now catching up? The only reason I ask is because if it is actually something new, it's one of those ideas that makes you ask the question: why hasn't somebody else figured this out until now? – it seems so obvious. This isn't like using bikini babes to sell 138 water; this is a harmonious combination of using that old maxim, sex sells, to sell a product that's sexy. Take a look at this one from Nasty Gal featuring Victoria's Secret model Britt Maren and you'll instantly come to the same realization. It's not just the model in one of their outfits, complete with description and price tag. These photos have a theme and aim to be provocative; perfectly milking every ounce of sexuality from this hard bodied babe. There's so effective, it's officially put Miss Marren on my radar. Up until the release of these photos I was completely unfamiliar with the name. She's a genuine hottie – plain and simple.

Source: Nasty Gal


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