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Britney Spears shows off her incredible legs on the Jonathan Ross show

10.03.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I have to admit, I really do like watching clips of celebs on The Jonathan Ross Show, perhaps because he manages to get some easy and fun interviews out of the celebs who visit, perhaps because that goofy voice of his is a great icebreaker. Who wouldn't want to sit and kvetch with someone who sounds like him? It seems that even Britney Spears isn't immune to his charms, opening up about getting a contact high during a performance when her audience was indulging in a 420 moment, farting while performing and sharing some fun stories about dating and her kids. While I know she's had some ups and downs in her life, there's something so strangely mesmerizing about Britney that keeps her close and cuddled in my heart, perhaps because out of all of the pop stars, she seems the most relatable. To that side of myself that is silly, awkward, and socially wobbly because secretly I'm more "boring" (her words) than people expect me to be. (And the fact that Britney both admitted to loving KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE and knows that Ross' wife, Jane Goldman, was the co-writer for the screenplay just makes her that much more wonderful.

Source: Bustle


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