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Britney Spears in a split position is one way to make headlines

05.02.2017by: No Cool Handle

​Britney Spears has been spending many hours in the gym, working tirelessly in an attempt to resurrect her old figure. I'm sorry, did I make it sound like her quest for eternal hotness turned out to be some kind of failed pipe dream? Far from it; she was so successful in restoring her once famous midriff to it's hardend state, the former pop princess is making headlines all over the Internet. Go to any one of your favorite legit news sources and you'll see pictures of Britney Spears showing off her limber legs, right above North Korea's latest threat to nuke the United States. There's only three photos from Britney's Instagram account, depicting her unbreakable resolve to relive the days of a world obsessed with Britney Spears' washboard tummy. Mission accomplished! Now if only this newly sculpted MILF would post some pictures that show us how hard she's working to restore that equally famous ass of hers to its former glory.

Source: Instagram


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