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Britney Spears can still rock that body for her Vegas Planet Hollywood shows

08.24.2015by: Cherry Liquor
There are a lot worse directions Britney Spears could have gone in, just in case any of you are ready to chime in with your comments about how she doesn't look quite as hot or fit or whatever like she did before WellFed and her two kids. I waffle back and forth between wanting to knock her parents, whom I strongly believe coerce her into being the money making machine that she is and wanting to salute them for their stellar management work on her personal life. It's been revealed that the conservatorship that her mom and dad have over her day-to-day functioning is going to be a permanent, most likely life-long arrangement. So what we have here is a woman who's probably on mood stabilizing drugs of the bipolar and whatever else variety bumping and grinding like a teenager while she's well into her 30's. Her contract with Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas is set to keep her occupied until December of this year, which will place her at 133 shows since she began her very popular run back in 2013. And I can see why it's popular - great dancers, goofy costumes, women who look like Jane Lynch's mom sitting in the front row... it's fun for the entire family!
Source: Daily Mail


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