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British pin-up girl Cara Rose showcases her two greatest "talents"

05.17.2017by: No Cool Handle

Do the Brits dump estrogen into their fresh water supply? I hear tell tourists who drink the water in Mexico will lose half their body mass by the time they're done suffering through an epic case of diarrhea – there's even a name for it: Montezuma's revenge. Do tourists who drink out of the faucet while visiting Great Britain develop a giant pair of bitch tits? I only ask because the sheer number of British hotties who possess Jessica rabbit-sized boobs is staggering (there's got to be an explanation). Here's another in a long line of beautiful British babes ready, willing and eager to throw her tits into the ring. Cara Rose is a pinup model in a classical sense of the word; the kind of woman that used to be seen on tattered, grease-covered calendars hanging on mechanic shops walls. It shouldn't be long before Cara is recruited by Page 3 to fill a few photos with her sizable bust. Frankly, I'm surprised she's flown under the radar for this long. Until such a photo set inevitably turns up, get better acquainted with this lovely lass by way of a few images from her most recent sultry shoot.

Source: egotastic


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