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British model Ashley James is the master of underboob cleavage

03.04.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Ashley James wasn't looking as much like Alexandra Daddario as she has in previous bikini posts but I wouldn't discount this girl for a second. The British reality show star and sometimes model was at a party for some fashion line called Bumble (as you can tell by her bedazzled purse she's holding up with the aplomb of an actress ready for her bukkake moment - close your mouth, darling) wearing a garment that managed to simultaneously be strangely ugly with its flowing pant legs and yet wildly sexy with the cut-out that revealed a healthy dose of underboob cleavage. The only thing distracting me is figuring out whether she's overly applied the contouring makeup to get that razor's edge to the bridge of her nose or if that's just a nose job gone off the deep end. Overall, I think I actually prefer her when she's got no makeup on. She has a girl-next-door-with-huge-knockers type of appeal when she's more natural.
Source: Daily Mail


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