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British model Asha Leo has a body built for lingerie

Asha Leo, if you don’t know, is a British television personality and fashion model that now has gotten into the LA side of the entertainment world on Access Hollywood. Now that I’ve been acquainted with Asha, my life is so much better for it. These images from the BonPrix lingerie 2015 collection crossed my path and I started salivating over them like a damn hungry dog. Then when I found out Asha is British – game over, man. Nothing does it for me like a British accent on a sexy brunette with all her teeth. AND she's got a flawless ass? I think I'm in love. I’m going to spend the rest of my day feeding images of her into my brain now. Can we skip the part of her career where she tries to make it as a minor D-list celebrity in her own right by appearing on a reality dancing program? I'd like to get straight to the "final stab at relevance in Hollywood with a 'leaked' sex tape" part please and thanks.

Source: GotCeleb


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